Catherine Forslund

Catherine Forslund

Catherine Forslund is the Isabelle Ross Abbott Professor of History and Women's Studies, the dean of first-year studies, and the chair of the history department at Rockford University. She teaches U. S., Latin American, and Asian history and has worked extensively with local, federally funded Teaching American History programs. Her publications include works in diplomatic and women's history such as We Are a College at War: Women Working for Victory in World War II (2010), Anna Chennault: Informal Diplomacy and Asian Relations (2002), and "Worth a Thousand Words: Editorial Cartoons of the Korean War" in the Journal of Conflict Studies (vol. 22, 2002). She contributed a chapter on Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt to A Companion to First Ladies (2016), part of the Wiley Blackwell Companions to American History series. Her research interests include Vietnam War–era and other editorial cartoons.


  • The Rise of the Modern First Lady: Edith Kermit Roosevelt, a Victorian Modern in the White House
  • We Are a College at War: American Women in World War II
  • Woman of Two Worlds: Anna Chennault, Informal Diplomacy, and U.S.-Asian Relations


“We Are a College at War: American Women in World War II”

This lecture was presented at the Elmhurst Historical Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois. Recorded by the City of Elmhurst in cooperation with Comcast in October 2013.

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