Judith Giesberg

Judith Giesberg

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Judith Giesberg, editor of the Journal of the Civil War Era, is a professor of history at Villanova University. She is the author of four books on the Civil War era: Civil War Sisterhood: The United States Sanitary Commission and Women's Politics in Transition (2000); "Army at Home": Women and the Civil War on the Northern Home Front (2009); Keystone State in Crisis: Pennsylvania in the Civil War (2013); and Sex and the Civil War: Soldiers, Pornography, and the Making of American Morality (2017). Giesberg also edited Emilie Davis's Civil War: The Diaries of a Free Black Woman in Philadelphia, 1863–1865 (2014) and coedited, with Randall Miller, Women and the American Civil War: North-South Counterpoints (2018). She directs the project Last Seen: Finding Family after Slavery, which is digitizing "Information Wanted" advertisements placed in newspapers by African Americans looking for family members lost in slavery.

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  • Know(ing) When You See It: Pornography and the Sexual Culture of U.S. Army Camps in the Civil War