Sarah T. Phillips

Portrait of Sarah T. Phillips
Image Credit: Kelly Davidson

An associate professor of history at Boston University, Sarah T. Phillips is a historian of the twentieth-century United States who combines the study of politics and public policy with histories of environmental and agricultural change. She is the author of This Land, This Nation: Conservation, Rural America, and the New Deal (2007) and a coauthor, with Shane Hamilton, of The Kitchen Debate and Cold War Consumer Politics: A Brief History with Documents (2014). She has also written pieces on environmental historiography, antebellum rural reform, transatlantic agricultural exchange, the interwar economy, the history of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the conservation and environmental policies of state governors. Her current book project, "The Price of Plenty: From Farm to Food Politics in Postwar America," examines the domestic politics sustaining the massive farm surpluses of the post–World War II era that established the United States as the predominant and most problematic of the state actors in the international food regime.

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