Crystal N. Feimster

Portrait of Crystal N. Feimster
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

A native of North Carolina, Crystal N. Feimster is an associate professor in the African American studies department, the American studies program, and the history department at Yale University, where she teaches a range of courses in nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American history, women's history, and southern history. She has also taught at Boston College, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Princeton University. Her publications include "A New Generation of Women Historians," in Voices of Women Historians: The Personal, the Political, the Professional (1999), edited by Nuper Chaudhuri and Eileen Boris; "Not So Ivory: African American Women Historians Creating Academic Communities," in Telling Histories: Black Women Historians in the Ivory Tower (2008), edited by Deborah Gray White; "General Benjamin Butler and the Threat of Sexual Violence during the American Civil War," Daedalus (Spring 2009); "'What If I Am a Woman?': Black Women’s Campaigns for Sexual Justice and Citizenship," in The World the Civil War Made (2015), edited by Gregory P. Downs and Kate Masur; and "Ida B. Wells: Radical Feminist," in the forthcoming Fifty-One Key Feminist Thinkers, edited by Lori J. Marso. Her book Southern Horrors: Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching (2009) examines the roles of both black and white women in the politics of racial and sexual violence in the American South. She is currently working on two book projects: "Sexual Warfare: Rape and the American Civil War" and "Mutiny at Fort Jackson: A Case Study of Wartime Freedom."

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