Landon R. Storrs

Landon R. Storrs

Landon R. Storrs specializes in twentieth-century U.S. social and political history, particularly in the history of women, social movements, and public policy. She is the author most recently of The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left (2012). Based on newly declassified government records and freshly unearthed private papers, this book demonstrates that the federal employee loyalty program—created in the 1940s in response to fears that communists were infiltrating the U.S. government—had a much broader policy impact than has been understood. The loyalty program not only destroyed or distorted the careers of many noncommunist officials; it also prohibited discussion of social democratic policy ideas in government circles, narrowing the scope of American political discourse to this day. The book also documents the antifeminism of the Old Right, showing how conservatives exploited popular hostility to female government officials to discredit left-liberal policies.

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  • McCarthyism in Historical Perspective *
  • Hidden Convictions: The Second Red Scare and the End of Reform *
  • Antifeminism and Cold War Politics *

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