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The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program

Jacquelyn D. Hall

Jacquelyn D. HallJacquelyn Hall is the Julia Cherry Spruill Professor Emerita of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the founding president of the Labor and Working Class History Association as well as a past president of the Southern Historical Association and the OAH. Recipient of a National Humanities Medal for her work as one of the preeminent scholars of the New South, she is the author of Revolt Against Chivalry: Jessie Daniel Ames and the Women's Campaign Against Lynching (1979) and a coauthor of Like a Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World (1987). She is currently working on a collection of her articles and on two book projects: "Writing a Way Home," about women writers and intellectuals and the refashioning of regional identity in the twentieth-century South, and a study of the social movements spawned by the civil rights campaigns of the 1960s and of the ideological, political, and structural forces that blunted their force.

Image credit: Dan Sears, UNC News Services