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Meetings & Events

Committee and Board Meetings

Schedule Committee and Board Meetings

Wednesday, April 11

10 am–5 pm 2019 OAH Program Committee
Thursday, April 12
8 am–6 pm OAH Executive Board
Friday, April 13
8 am–10 am OAH Committee on National Park Service Collaboration (all conference attendees welcome)
8:30 am–10 am Modern American History
8 am–12  pm OAH Nominating Board
10:30am–12:30pm OAH Committee on Public History
The American Historian Editorial Board
OAH International Committee
OAH Japanese Association for American Studies Japan Historians Collaborative Committee and Luncheon
1pm–3pm OAH Committee on Marketing and Communications
OAH Committee on Community Colleges
OAH Committee on the Status of Women in the Historical Profession
2pm–5pm IEHS Editorial Board, Annual Business, and Executive Board
2pm–5:30pm Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Editorial Board 
3:30 pm–5:30 pm OAH Membership Committee
Saturday, April 14
8am–10am OAH Committee on Part-Time, Adjunct, and Contingent Employment

Labor and Working-Class Association

Urban History Association
OAH Committee on Teaching
8am–12:30pm Journal of American History Editorial Board
10:30 am-12:30 pm OAH Committee on the Status of African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and Native American (ALANA) Historians and ALANA Histories
OAH Committee on Disability and Disability History
1pm-3pm OAH Committee Chairs Meeting