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Annual Meeting Program


schedule may be subject to change

11am--12:30 pm 12:45pm--2:15pm 2:45pm--4:15pm
Plenary: 4:30 pm-6:00 pm
California and the Nation--Past, Present, and Future
Beyond Northern Exceptionalism

WWII in the Philippines-The Legacy of Two Nations

New Approaches to the American Revolution: a Roundtable

Haunted Modernity: Modes of Enchantment in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America

Policing Settler Colonies: Life and Death in North America

Feeling is Believing: Embodied Practices of Popular History

Growing up and Growing Older in the United States: Age as a Category of Analysis

The Forms of Recovery: A Roundtable on Historical Silences, Restoration, and Commemoration

The Many Imaginaries of Female Performance, 1850-1960

Economics and Politics: Civil War Era Latin American Relations with the Southern U.S.

Race, Ethnicity, Recreation and Leisure in California History

New Perspectives on Quests for Meaning in Twentieth-Century American Thought and Culture


New Histories of Anti-Racist Activism in Chicago

Fighting Progressive Social Change: Gender, Race and the making of conservatives in the Twentieth Century United States

Forms of History and Community Forms: Race, Place, and Historical Narratives in the New South

Beyond Good and Evil: New Ways of Thinking about Henry Kissinger

Constructions of Citizenship and Belonging in the Repatriation Era

Consider the Alternative: The Uncertain Fate of the Antebellum Wes

Americans Abroad: Reconsidering the Foreign and Domestic Across the Long 20th Century

Twentieth-Century Communism in the Golden State: A Roundtable

Race, Radicalism, and Reaction in the 1960s and 1970s

Storytelling and African American Women's Biography

Crimmigration: Exploring the Nexus of Carceral and Immigration Studies

New Directions in the History of Veterans of the American Civil War

They Broke Down Barriers: They Transformed History

The Next Western History: Lightning Round on Emerging Scholarship in the Field

Civil War Union Generals in War & Memory

Political Geographies of Representation: Regions, Boundaries, and Property in Early America

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Histories

Community, Family, and Authority in the American Midwest

Reinterpreting “North” and “South” in the Midwest

Women in Public History: Issues, Reflections, Trajectories

Bridging Race, Ideology, and Strategy: Coalitions from the Long 1960s to the Reagan Years

CONVERSATION: Modern American History: Rethinking the Academic Journal

The Old South in the New West: Southern Expansionism and Empire-Building in the American Borderlands

The Edible Intersectional: A Teaching Guide

Reviewing Digital History

Does Digital Innovation Promote Interpretive Innovation?: The Women and Social Movements websites and The Papers of William F. Cody

Teaching Contested History: Digital Archives and Digital Maps

Rethinking Race, Labor, and Capitalism in U.S. History

Movements for Change: What’s Worked?

Taking the State Back Out: The Irrelevance of the Federal Government in the West, 1803-1861

Taking Control of Capitalism in 20th Century Chicago

Firsting and Lasting in La Florida

A New Microscope for Modern Conservatism: Huey Long, Theodore Bilbo, and Claude Kirk at the Precipice of Political Change

Challenging Patriarchy in Education. Historians and the Politics of Ethnic Studies:Lessons from the Mexican American History Text Book Fight in Texas Narrative Challenges in the Writing of History

Politics, Propaganda, and Policy: World War II’s effect on international and domestic relations

Continuity and Change in American Utopian Communities

Historicizing the Golden State: New Directions in California History

History and the Politics of Empire

Forming Policy in Vietnam’s Shadow: Historical Thinking and the Usable Past

Making the Most of the OAH