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Meet one-on-one with consultants and publishers during the Annual Meeting. Information to book your appointment can be found in each description below. Book early as spaces fill quickly.

You must be registered to the Annual Meeting prior to signing up for an appointment.


Get Personal Assistance with Your Book Proposal from a Veteran Editor

Are you a first-time book author? Are you wondering how to transform your dissertation? Do you want to explore your publishing options? Or do you seek help with your book proposal?

In conjunction with the workshop "Crafting Your Book Proposal and Attracting a Publisher," Melody Herr invites you to sign up for a one-on-one consultation. Come with your ideas or, for more comprehensive feedback, email her an overview of your project prior to the appointment.

To make an appointment for Friday, April 5 or Saturday, April 6, please contact Melody before March 1, 2019.

A veteran acquiring editor, Melody Herr, PhD, has more than 16 years of experience working for scholarly publishers–including Johns Hopkins University Press and the University of Michigan Press–and a reputation for a personal touch. Over the course of her career, Melody has coached authors in political science, legal studies, and U.S. history. Currently, she serves as Head of the Office of Scholarly Communications at the University of Arkansas. An author herself, she has published nonfiction and historical fiction for young readers as well as scholarly work. Her most recent book is Writing and Publishing Your Book: A Guide for Experts in Every Field (Greenwood, 2017).

Professional Grant Writing Consultation

Has your department chair for organization asked you to write a grant? Are you interested in becoming a grant writer for history, social sciences or the humanities? Do you have a specific idea or project that requires advice about how to seek funding? In combination with her workshop, “Adding ‘Humanities Grant Writer’ to your Professional Qualifications,” Lori Shea Kuechler is offering a chance for personalized or departmental consultations for you or your grant writing team.

To make an appointment for one of five time slot opportunities on Friday, April 5, contact Lori Kuechler

Lori Shea Kuechler, B.A. History, B.S. Human Development, MA Interdisciplinary Studies; Spiritual Traditions and Ethics. Lori is the Grant Manager at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, Oregon, and the author of hundreds of successful foundation and governmental grants for educational, historical, cultural and social service agencies. She is a grant evaluator for the NEH and the State of Oregon, has been a faculty member and academic counselor, and is a consulting partner with her husband Wayne, at Kuechler Nonprofit Consultants

Career Coach Services Program Information

Dr. Kate Duttro, a career coach for “recovering academics,” has worked with grad students, post-docs, adjuncts, and nontenured faculty to help them find the work they most want to do, especially when moving beyond traditional academic career paths. She coauthored Seattle Job Source and edited a special issue of the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal on the contributions of Bernard Haldane with Dependable Strengths. Retired from more than a decade of career counseling at the University of Washington, she blogs at her own website, and has written for, Career Thought Leaders, and other online publications. Dr. Duttro will be available on Friday and Saturday for individual sessions with attendees. Meetings will last for 50 minutes and advance registration is required. More information can be found at

To book your appointment please email


The OAH is proud to again offer the opportunity for ice-breaker conversations between attendees and exhibiting publishers with their works. The publishers listed below are eager to hear and connect with Annual Meeting attendees. In 2019 attendees are asked to send their contact information and manuscript or proposal to the publisher best suited to their interest area listed below. Please send your information to the email indicated in the description below to set up a meeting time.

Beacon Press

Beacon Press is interested in publishing academics who have written at least one previous book and are committed to writing a more accessible and "crossover" history book. Beacon is particularly interested in publishing on issues of race, ethnicity, gender and class. Please contact Gayatri Patnaik, Editorial Director to schedule an appointment.

McFarland Publishing

"Topics of Interest: We are happy to hear about all things American history!
The following is a list of some topics within our American history offerings:
Military history, popular culture and the performing arts, sports and games, transportation, body & mind, literature, language, mythology, religion, librarianship, social sciences, science & technology, African American studies, Appalachian studies, Jewish studies, American Indian studies, women's studies, gender studies, food studies, and notable and infamous figures.
email to book an appointment

University of Missouri Press

Andrew J. Davidson, editor in chief of the University of Missouri Press, invites you to meet with him to discuss ideas and proposals for new book projects in all aspects of U.S. history and culture, including military history, sports history, constitutional history, and the history of the early American republic. He also seeks to expand the Press’s list in African American studies, Native American studies, women’s studies, and regional history of the Missouri Valley. He welcomes proposals in advance of the conference for both scholarly books and those with crossover trade potential in the areas listed above. You may contact him directly to submit a proposal or to set up an appointment at the meeting:

Yale University Press

Adina Berk, Senior Editor for History, acquires in all periods and subfields of American and European history. She is particularly interested in projects that conceptualize American history broadly and place the United States in a global context. Themes and topics of particular interest are the way environmental factors and climate crises have shaped societies, the history of empires and the resistance to empires, the history of economic and financial development, connections between the United States and Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the history of borderlands, histories of human migration, the rise of the right, African American history, Latino history, and Native American history. Please email Adina Berk for an appointment at