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OAH Business Meeting
5:15 pm─6:45 pm
OAH Presidential Address | History and the Common Good: Scholarship in the Public Eye

Capitalization Takes Command: Putting Capital back in the History of Capitalism

Finance and the Modern American State

Mediating Foodways in ‘The American Century’: Shifting Roles of Agriculture, Government, and Information Technologies, 1921─1989

Object Lessons: Profits and Pitfalls in Writing Histories of Commodities

Public Media History and Social Movement History

Examining “The Neighborhood”: The Power of the Local in Postwar National Narratives

Disability Histories of U.S. Expansionism and Colonialism

The Future of Urban History

Preparation for Adulthood, Preparation for Freedom? The Work of Orphan Asylums

Gender and U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines

Little Prospect for Freedom: Native, Black, and White Children as Servants, Slaves, and Boarding School Students in the U.S. Midwest

Investigating Technology’s Impact on American History Using History’s Habits of Mind

The Material Conditions of the Historical Surprise

Fluidity in Freedom: African Americans in Colonial and Revolutionary America


'People in Motion': The San Francisco Bay Area and 1960s Social Movements and Coalition-Building

NPS101: Historical Research and Writing for the National Parks Service

Racial Politics in the Suburbs: Latinos and Asian Americans in Postwar Southern California

Toward a Transnational History of White Nationalism Since 1945

Race, Migration, and History as Practice and Profession

Politeness and Taste in Early America

Connecting Contemporary U.S. Elections with Histories of Working-Class Women’s Political Mobilization

Creek Power and Autonomy in the Eighteenth-Century Southeast

Indigenous Women and the Work of Freedom in Early America

Trans Histories, Trans Lives

Must Early America be Vast?

What to Expect When You're Expecting FRESHMEN: Field Notes from the World of Advanced Placement Exams

Making the Gay Male World: Roundtable on George Chauncey’s Gay New York at 25

The American Revolution: Getting the Best New Scholarship to the Public (To attend this session sign up for the tour)

Lightning Rounds | The Gilded Age and Progressive Era: Emerging Scholarship in the Field

Lightning Rounds | Women in Digital and Public History

Lightning Rounds | Emerging Voices in LGBTQ History: Lightning Round Panel

Lightning Rounds | The Future of Early America: Emerging Research

The Statehood Process and Bicentennial Commemoration: Comparing Maine and Missouri

Stonewall at 50

History Teaches us to Resist: How Progressive Movements Have Succeeded in Challenging Times

Immigration Advocacy: Then and Now


FILM SCREENING: The Challenges of Driving While Black: The Green Book and Other Coping Mechanisms

Slavery and the Work of Freedom: 400 Years of Ramifications

Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, the History of an Idea

Digital Labor History and Historical Sources as Data

Authenticity and American Material Culture

Interpreting the Geographies of Harriet Tubman’s Life: Public engagement and the Harriet Tubman Experience on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Working for Freedom: The Often Ignored Labors of the Underground Railroad and New Directions for Understanding

Journalism and the Making of the Cold War Order

Trump and the Media

From That’s the Way It Is to Fake News: Press Freedom in a Changing Media Landscape

From the Great Society to the Politics of Polarization

Historicizing Policing in Postwar America: The Perils, the Possibilities, and the Politics

Laboring to Obtain and Maintain Freedom: Skilled Black Women, 1785 to 1890

Add Federal Funds and Stir: Antipoverty Activism in Black and Brown

150th Anniversary of the 14th and 15th Amendments in Retrospect

New Directions in the History of Policing and Punishment in the Jim Crow South

Surveilling Resistance and Resisting Surveillance in the Postwar U.S.

Freedom Work Through the Lens of Feminist Legal Biography: Constance Baker Motley and Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Woman Chained: Sexual Servitude, Sexual Freedom, and the Politics of Prostitution in Twentieth Century America

Between Occupation and Liberation: Negotiating Freedoms across Three Centuries of American Military Occupations

Midwesterners Encountering the ‘Other’ in Nineteenth-Century America

Revisiting Reconstruction Political History

The Academic #MeToo Movement: Scholars, Advocates, and Solutions to the Problems of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Academy

“What comes Naturally”: Motherhood in North America, 1850-present

Gender and Policing in 20th Century Urban America

The Carceral State, Gender, and History

Mexican Americans and Latinx: Challenging Immigration Laws and Forced Deportations from the Mann Act to the Present

Cultural Marxism and the Alt Right

Examining Freedom and Psychiatric Institutions: New Directions in the History of American Psychiatry

Teaching History at Private Secondary Schools Working for Freedom: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace

Honoring Ira Berlin

The Story of Joyce Appleby's Achievement Told by American Historians Honoring Jan Lewis
Building a Community: How Associations Can Play a Role at the OAH Annual Meeting