Thursday Sessions

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11am─12:30 pm 12:45pm─2:15pm 2:45pm─4:15pm
Plenary: 4:45 pm-6:15 pm
Chronicling the Work of Freedom
Roundtable: Environmental History, from the Early Modern Atlantic World to the Nineteenth Century

The Nature of Deindustrialization: Rural Workers and Environmental Politics in the Age of Capital Flight

American Corporations and the Meanings and Methods of Doing Business Abroad

Unequal Historical Power in the Land of the Free

Pesticides, Production, and Politics

Free and Unfree: Disability, Institutions, and Resistance

Reforming Schools and Redefining Freedom in Post-Civil Rights New York and Chicago

American Freedom and Sovereignty in Transnational Perspective

Girls at Play: New Histories of Gender, Race, and Religion in Twentieth-Century American Recreation

Conscience, Constitution, and Law in a Slaveholders Republic

Working and Reworking Freedom: African-American Women’s Labor in States of Unfreedom

Continuing the Work of Freedom: Understudied African American Migrations and the Search for Opportunities and Rights

Outside Support: Creating and Maintaining Community Outreach and Engagement

Laboring for Citizenship: Middle-Class Black Activism from Reconstruction to the Black Power Movement

Contested Communities: Rethinking Relations Between African Americans & Native Americans During the 19th Century

The Politics of Display at Early U. S. Commercial Fairs

Taking Liberties: Memory, Myth, and Identity in Early America

Indigenous and Euro-American Resource Rights in the Northeast, 1730-1840

Into the Archive: American Historians and the "Archival Turn"

Claiming a Place on the Land: Bringing Diversity to Public Lands Use and Management

Immigration Activism and The Labors of Freedom

Navigating Research, Service, and Democracy: American Universities in the Twentieth Century
German Historical

Troubling Terms: Perspectives on Art and Inclusivity

Keywords of Post-Civil War Politics in the United States

Roundtable on the New Deal: What's New About the New Deal?: A Fresh Assessment

Is Communism Twentieth-Century Americanism?: Writing Communist history on the 100th-Year Anniversary of the Founding of the CPUSA

War and Society

Film Screening: Power to Heal: Medicare and the Civil Rights Revolution

Twentieth Century Mexican American Activists: Political Biographies of Gender and Leadership


Reconstruction at 150: Reassessing the Revolutionary New Birth of Freedom

Race, Reform, and America’s Public Schools

The U.S. Civil War from Abroad: Historiography's Global and National Contexts

New Perspectives on American Engagement with Africa before the "Scramble"

Issues Affecting the Profession: How the OAH Can Help

Progressive Catholicism and the Fate of Postwar Liberalism: New Perspectives on the Origins of the Culture Wars

Record Linkage and the Use of Big Data in Historical Research

The History and Politics of Reproductive Freedom

Agency and Power in Nineteenth-century Women’s History: Through the Lens of Mormon Women’s Experiences

The Politics of Caring Labor: Histories of Race, Gender, and Migration in the 20th Century

Freedom Through Death: Analyzing the Legacy of the Civil War and Jim Crow in Southern Cemeteries (Re)Presentation of African American Histories: The Work of Freedom in Public History and Memory "Faith in Public:" Interpreting Religion at American History Museums and Historic Sites