2020 OAH Annual Meeting | Conference on American History

2020 OAH Annual Meeting, Conference on American History, (In)Equalities. April 2-5, Marriot Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

For centuries now, questions of “equality” and “inequality” have informed American politics and culture, and also appeared repeatedly in the histories we write, exhibit, and teach. How have the meanings of equality and inequality changed over time? How have equality and inequality, as ideas and practice, shaped--and been shaped by-- the state and its institutions, international relations and transnational circulations, economic distributions and relations of (re)production, social hierarchies and social movements, science and religion, and vernacular geographies and the micro-interactions of everyday embodied life? As keywords in historians’ lexicon, how do equality and inequality expand and limit our studies of the past? In a critical election year, how do the histories of equality and inequality help us understand the United States and its place in the world today? The 2020 OAH Annual Meeting will address the theme of (In)Equalities in our past and present.

Program Committee

  • Cochair: Margot Canaday, Princeton University 
  • Cochair: Craig Steven Wilder, MIT
  • Kornel Chang, Rutgers-Newark
  • Babette Faehmel, Schenectady Community College
  • Mireya Loza, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian
  • Kim Phillips-Fein, New York University
  • Thavolia Glymph, Duke University
  • Andrew Preston, Cambridge University
  • Brett Rushforth, University of Oregon
  • Brenda Santos, Achievement First

Local Resource Committee

  • Cochair: Suzanne Smith, George Mason University
  • Cochair: Adam Rothman, Georgetown University
  • Holly Brewer, University of Maryland
  • Spencer Crew, George Mason University
  • Christina Hanhardt, University of Maryland
  • Jane Freundel Levey, Historical Society of Washington
  • George Derek Musgrove, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • John Reidl, Montgomery College
  • Theresa Runstedtler, American University
  • Samuel Schaffer, St. Albans School
  • John Troutman, National Museum of American History


April 2 to April 5, 2020

Breakout sessions:
Thursday, April 2 to Saturday, April 4, 2020

Workshops and Half Day Tours:
Sunday, April 5


April 2 - 5, 2020
Workshop Day: April 5

Marriott Wardman Park
2660 Woodley Rd. NW
Washington, D.C., 20008
+1 202 328 2000

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