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Explore agencies, consultants, and companies who work with, work as, and hire historians outside the academy. Explore the fair and learn about various participants, the types of positions that exist for historians, and how one can find these opportunities. 

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The Forest Service's small but versatile History Program excels at applying history skills and analysis to real world problems related to natural resource management and conservation.


The journal of record in American history. Published by The OAH


MSU Press Editor Catherine Cocks on careers in publishing


NHHC acquires, preserves, and shares historically relevant resources and products that reflect the Navy’s unique and enduring contributions to our nation’s history.


For 25 years the OAH has partnered with the National Park Service to bring leading scholarship to bear on the presentation of history at our national parks.


The Office of the House Historian works closely with the Office of Art and Archives (OAA) under the Office of the Clerk.