Just Like Me: The Vietnam War/TheAmerican War

Endorsed by the Oral History Association and the Western History Association

Friday, April 3, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Type: Film Screening

Tags: Military; Public History and Memory


Just Like Me: The Vietnam War/The American War is a journey from present to past and back again that follows Vietnam veteran Ron Osgood in his quest to recover fragmented and buried stories from all sides of the Vietnam War/American War, revealing multiple perspectives that are thematically interconnected. The stories from veterans and non-combatants look at the ways in which war becomes inscribed into the life histories of ordinary individuals and the attempt to humanize our former enemies.
By interweaving American and Vietnamese perspectives, the program promotes cross-cultural connection, empathy and compassion.

Session Participants

Chair and Presenter: Ron Osgood, Indiana University
Ron Osgood is Professor Emeritus in the Media School and continues to teach in the IU Hutton Honors College. His recent work “The Vietnam War/The American War: Stories from All Sides,” is a transmedia project that includes an oral history website and a documentary film “Just Like Me: The Vietnam War/The American War.” This Emmy winning documentary broadcast on Indiana Public Television and was chosen as the closing event for the National Archives “Remembering Vietnam” exhibit in Washington D.C.

Prior to this project, he completed “My Vietnam Your Iraq,” an official selection at eight film festivals, broadcast on PBS in 2011 and available through iTunes, Amazon Prime and PBS Home Video.