#Unmute DC History

Sunday, April 5, 2020, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Type: Workshop


Pre-registration required | Limited to 40 people

This workshop will take place offsite at the DC History Center. Transportation to and from the center is at the discretion of the attendee.

 As the nation’s capital experiences demographic change and gentrification, the challenge of preserving Washington, D.C.’s local history and culture is becoming acute. In 2019 protests were organized after a store was ordered to turn down the city’s iconic go-go music that it had been playing from its loudspeakers for years. The hashtag #UnmuteDC was born. This panel gathers historians and activists for a conversation about recovering and preserving D.C.’s local history and culture so that it endures as a community resource.

Panelists include Dr. Ananya Chakravarti, associate professor of history at Georgetown University; Dr. Natalie Hopkinson, assistant professor at Howard University; Dr. Samir Meghelli, chief curator at the Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Community Museum; and Dr. Sabiyha Prince, political education coordinator at Empower DC. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Bell Clement, the editor of Washington History. Jane Levey will lead a tour of the DC History Center following the event.

Session Participants

Chair: Bell Julian Clement

Panelist: Ananya Chakravarti, Georgetown University

Panelist: Natalie Hopkinson

Panelist: Samir Meghelli, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Panelist: Sabiyha Prince