Virtual Conference - Speaker Information

We want to thank you again for your patience as we continue to mitigate the cancellation of the 2020 OAH Annual Meeting. We are offering you and your fellow panelists an opportunity to present your session to OAH members and fellow conference attendees.

Our IT department has worked hard to create a space for your sessions. This space allows us to post a video of your presentation, link to resources, upload documents, and most importantly, allow viewers to comment, question, and interact with you and each other.

Your participation is voluntary. We know that many of you are already overwhelmed with moving life online, but the sessions for this particular year's conference were highly anticipated and we wanted to offer an opportunity to present them. The content will be available to all OAH members and meeting participants regardless of conference registration status.

Please bear in mind that we are designing, planning, and implementing this simultaneously so we will likely hit some snags along the way. We thank you for your patience in advance and welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions as we move forward.

We will be updating this page as we build this project. If you have any questions that are not answered here please email us.

Storage Server (such as Box)
If your institution provides a free storage solution you may post your files there and share with

Free FileSharing Services
There are many free file sharing softwares available online. Some of th emost popular ones are:

  • Most preferred: Google Drive:offers free 15GB of cloud storage. f you have a gmail account, we can accept any files via the google drive, simply share (with rights to edit) your google folder with
  • Mediafire (formerly YouSendIt): provides 10GB storage space for free and a 4GB file upload limit. After uploading your files, you can then easily share through email, link, or any social network. 
  • Microsoft OneDrive: 
  • Zippyshare: a free file-sharing website that contains no download and uploads limits. Can upload files  up to 500MB. The uploaded files can be easily shared with anyone via email, message or social media. 
  • Firefox Send: if you use this option please post on a weekday and email us immediately as the link to your file expires in one day and is immediately deleted from their server. Can upload up to 2.5GB.

Please email your shared file to

No, you are welcome to post PDFs of  each paper and have a video recording of the commentator.  Alternatively, you may submit only PDFs of your session.


If you are presenting a paper in a paper presentation and the rest of yoru group does not want to participate we invite you to present your single paper. Your video should be no longer than 15 minutes and we encourage you to post a PDF of the paper as well. Your paper will be posted as a lone session in the virtual conference.

Group presentations should meet the following criteria:

  • Paper presentation: at least two papers and one commentator
  • Roundtable: at least three participants
  • Panel Discussion: at least three participants
  • State of the Field: at least three participants
  • Lightning Round: at least five participants and a chair/commentator
  • Workshop: at least one presenter

You may also find replacements for those people who choose not to participate.

For any questions please email


Though we prefer to only receive one video per session, we can accept up to two.


You may post up to twenty pdf files per session


You may post up to twenty external links per session

A standard OAH session is 90 minutes long, but this usually includes a substantial question and answer period. Attention online tends to be shorter so we reccomend videos be 45 minutes long. You are welcome to go longer if you need more time, but no more than 90 minutes.

No, you can be as creative as you like. Your presentation may be acombination of PDF papers, slideshows, links, and other resources. it does not have to have a video component to be posted.