Issues Affecting the Profession: How the OAH Can Help

Solicited by the OAH Membership Committee

Friday, April 16, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Type: Workshop


<b>No pre-registration required</b><br>The OAH Membership Committee invites members and attendees to discuss the benefits of membership in the organization and attendance at the annual meeting, as well as ways the OAH can help support historians in their varied careers.  Members of the OAH Membership Committee will answer questions and discuss topics with attendees that are of concern to you and your colleagues. Regardless of whether you are a graduate student, public historian, history educator, faculty member, or independent historian, the OAH is your professional organization and wants to help you accomplish your career goals.

Session Participants

Panelist: DeAnna Eileen Beachley, College of Southern Nevada

Presenter: Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University

Presenter: Jennifer Holland

Presenter: Julian Lim, Arizona State University

Panelist: Elisabeth M. Marsh

Presenter: Rachel Barrett Martin, Hipstory Matters

Presenter: Todd Moye, University of North Texas

Presenter: Nicole Ribianszky

Panelist: Nathaniel J. Sheidley, Revolutionary Spaces, Inc.

Presenter: Susan Sleeper-Smith, McNickle Center, Newberry Library

Presenter: Mikala Francis Stokes, Northwestern University