Historians Are Grant Writers; Grant Writers Are Historians: Adding “Grant Writer” to your Professional Qualifications

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Type: Workshop

Tags: Professional Development


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Limited to 40 people

A well-written grant proposal submission is the professional equivalent to an academic research project and supporting paper. With that in mind, this online workshop is presented under the assumption that most historians, graduate students, and professors already possess the most important skills required to submit a competitive grant. All that remains is to be guided on how to put those skills together procure and maintain financial support for an organization or institution. This professional workshop will specifically address the remaining skills required to write humanities grants through a discussion of 1) grant writing terminology, 2) how to identify and/or contextualize potential funders, 3) the basic and typical meanings and purposes behind common grant application questions and requirements, 4) where to find applicable assistance with institutional documentation, grant policies and financial expertise within your own organization, university or professional circle, 5) and the significance of cooperating with your institutions finance departments. After a brief overview of how both the historian and professional grant writer skill sets overlap and how a grant proposal is similar to any proposal, we will engage in activities targeting the more detailed and exclusive features of a grant proposal. This active, discussion-based workshop led by Lori Shea Kuechler will:

  • Elaborate upon how to respond to the distinctive vernaculars of various disciplines, foundations, and funding entities (museology, humanities, archival studies, social science, government agencies, nonprofit culture), and remain true to your goals and objectives. 

  • Deconstruct a currently posted Request for Proposals (RFP), through the categorization and identification of its primary elements, and will contextualize what the funder is asking for—and why. . 

  • Will address the significance of the vocabulary, terminology, and perspective unique to the humanities granting sphere(s) of influence. 

  • Address how to create and lead a grant team, and how to make a grant proposal work plan for your department or organization. All references and resources used in the workshop will be from the public domain and will continue to be accessible to attendees as long as they are available to the public.

Session Participants

Presenter: Lori Kuechler, Oregon Historical Society
Lori Shea Kuechler, B.A. History, B.S. Human Development, MA Interdisciplinary Studies; Currently a freelance grantwriter and an online Interdisciplinary/Liberal Arts adjunct professor, Lori is the author of over $20 million in successful foundation and governmental grants for educational, historical, cultural and social service agencies. She is Managing Partner in Kuechler Nonprofit Consulting and a private Arts and Culture grant contractor. https://www.kncpartners.com/