4QM Teaching

Teaching history is difficult, on any level. The Four Question Method is a simple yet sophisticated way to make teaching and learning history easier and more accessible, without dumbing it down. Our big insight is that all the crucial questions in our field are variants on only four questions, and each question has a thinking skill that goes with it. If teachers and students know the Four Questions and how to think about them, everyone's job becomes more clear. Teaching becomes more effective, and learning becomes more meaningful. Here are the Four Questions:

  1. What Happened? (Narration)
  2. What Were They Thinking? (Interpretation)
  3. Why Then and There? (Explanation)
  4. What Do We Think About That? (Judgment)

In our book, From Story To Judgment, we describe the method in detail, with teaching examples from high school classrooms. The method has been used successfully with students on all grade levels, from elementary to college. You can get more information, read our blog, and contact us at our website, 4qmteaching.net