OAH Cooperative Book Exhibit

Welcome to the OAH Cooperative Book Exhibit!

The following publishers are unable to participate in-person for this year's OAH conference, but they would like to welcome you to browse copies of their titles displayed here in the OAH Co-op Exhibit. Please support them as they have supported our organization and the conference. We couldn't make the conference successful without them! The links below will allow you to browse and order their books during the conference. Please ask an OAH staff member if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!

Cooperative Book Display Exhibitors

HarperCollins Publishers

HarperCollins has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring generations of readers for more than 200 years. We seek to make a positive impact by promoting education and literacy, supporting our authors and their freedom of expression, and helping our local communities—with a focus on organizations that support people from diverse backgrounds as well as underrepresented communities. We are also proud to support the causes our employees care about through a matching donation program.

New York University Press

Making common cause with the best and the brightest, the great and the good, NYU Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. Infused with the conviction that the ideas of the academy matter, we foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of the university.

University of Minnesota Press

The University of Minnesota Press is recognized internationally for its innovative, boundary-breaking editorial program in the humanities and social sciences and as publisher of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), the most widely used objective tests of personality in the world. Minnesota also maintains as part of its mission a strong commitment to publishing books on the people, history, and natural environment of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Established in 1925, Minnesota is among the founding members of the Association of University Presses (AUP).

Yale University Press

By publishing serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs, Yale University Press aids in the discovery and dissemination of light and truth, lux et veritas, which is a central purpose of Yale University. The publications of the Press are books and other materials that further scholarly investigation, advance interdisciplinary inquiry, stimulate public debate, educate both within and outside the classroom, and enhance cultural life. In its commitment to increasing the range and vigor of intellectual pursuits within the university and elsewhere, Yale University Press continually extends its horizons to embody university publishing at its best.