2022 Speaker Information

Below you will find pertinent information to assist you in preparing and presenting at the 2022 OAH Conference on American History in Boston, MA. Please read through all sections carefully and make particular note of the deadlines provided. Any questions are welcome at meetings@oah.org.


July 1, 2021 Speaker agreements due
November, 2021 Speaker registration opens
January 14, 2022 Last day for cancellation notices to OAH
January 14, 2022 All speakers must be registered and be members of the OAH by this date. 
February 15, 2022 Paper submissions to session chairs (paper presenters only)


The 2022 OAH Conference on American History will be located at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, March 31 to April 3, 2022.

Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street, Boston, 
Massachusetts 02199 USA


Your session will be scheduled upon the submission of your speaker agreement. If you have not completed your speaker agreement, please do so as soon as possible, and no later than July 1. If you are unable to access your speaker agreement, please contact meetings@oah.org. Once you have completed your agreement and after all sessions have been scheduled your schedule will appear on your Speaker Center page. Room locations will be finalized in late February.

Media may be present during your session.


Please note that the conference takes place from Thursday, March 31  through to Saturday, April 3. Please make sure you are available during these days.

The OAH will make every effort to accommodate OAH committee and affiliate group conflicts. This includes all meetings and sponsored sessions. OAH committee and affiliate group participation must be noted in the speaker agreement to allow the OAH to schedule sessions appropriately, if you do not mark your committments we may not be able to move your session once the schedule is assigned. Please note that we cannot accommodate personal conflicts as we work at maintaining a balanced variation of sessions per time slot for our attendees, and have very limited space.


Changes to session information may be made after the submission of the speaker agreement. If you need to make changes to your submission  please email meetings@oah.org by August 1. Changes after this date will not be accepted.  Cancellations, additions, or changes to speakers must be emailed to meetings@oah.org immediately, and no later than January 14, 2022.

Please note: Any speaker cancellations that occur must be communicated with the OAH at meetings@oah.org, no later than January 1, 2019.


Please note, each session is allotted 90 minutes. The 15 – 20 minutes between sessions is designed to allow ample preparation time for other session speakers and grant networking time for attendees. We ask you be considerate of the time limitations of your session.

You should be in contact with your fellow participants ahead of time to reach an agreement about respective time allocations. The OAH requires that twenty five minutes be reserved for audience participation. Please keep that in mind when allocating time for presentations, comments, and introductions.
We strongly encourage presenters to deliver ideas and arguments without reading from papers and not to exceed stated time limits. While all of us are tempted to exceed the time allowed, overlong presentations or comments eliminate the opportunity for the kind of meaningful discussion that makes OAH meetings vital.

Whatever form a session takes, we propose that all papers given adhere to the "words per minute" formula outlined below. Most speakers read 100 words comfortably in 1 minute, taking into consideration the "asides" commonly made while presenting a talk. Experience suggests most speakers and listeners find this rate comfortable.
The formula is simple:

10-minute papers = 1000 words
12-minute papers = 1200 words
15-minute papers = 1500 words
20-minute papers = 2000 words

Session chairs should remind panelists of the time allotted and thus the number of words suggested for each paper or comment. Sessions will be 90 minutes in length, with the exception of workshops (which may run longer). Twenty-five minutes should be reserved for discussion. Please take these time limits into account when planning your session.


All participants must be registered and be a member of the OAH by January 14, 2022 to participate in the conference. 

Please be aware that OAH policy requires all participants whose career is in the field of U.S. history (either as a professor/instructor, graduate student, K-12 teacher, or public or independent historian) to be members of the OAH. If you have any questions about whether the membership requirement applies in your situation, please contact us at membership@oah.org.

All participants are also required to register for the meeting. We will be providing a special presenter registration rate until January 14, 2022. We require that you be registered and be a member of the OAH by this date in order to be included in the program. Once registration becomes available later this year, we will contact you with the details.


Each room will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, and microphone. Special requests will be considered on a case by case basis and may require a fee. Though we are typically not able to provide additional AV please let us know if you need anything in addition to the standard room se. Please email meetings@oah.org.

*Please note that the OAH does not provide laptops; if your session requires one, you must provide your own. 
If you use a MAC, you will also need to provide an adapter (dongle) in order to be able to connect to the AV equipment.*

Internet is not available in breakout rooms unless specifically requested by August 31, 2018. As per the program committee, skyping into sessions will not be permitted.


If you are serving as a chair at the meeting, make sure that all the required material and participants are present before your session begins. If the room is missing requested equipment, contact the room monitors assigned to your room. If a participant fails to appear, proceed with the session as best you can, and notify meetings@oah.org. Your most important responsibility as chair is to keep the session moving smoothly and on time. Introduce each of the participants briefly and, if you wish, make some prefatory remarks about the theme of the session and the participants.

Please be firm in enforcing time constraints (no more than 90 minutes total), even if that means interrupting a speaker, so that all participants will have their full share of time and the audience will have the opportunity to respond. It is often helpful to alert a speaker when her or his time is about to expire by handing him or her a note indicating how many minutes remain. Audience responses must also be monitored by the chair. Please ask each speaker to identify herself or himself, and you should interrupt a member of the audience who speaks too long or otherwise inappropriately. You might also consider soliciting questions for a session participant who is being ignored or perhaps pose such a question yourself.

Paper Presenters
Paper presenters must send copies of their papers to the session chair and commentator(s) no later than February 15, 2022. To facilitate introductory remarks, please send a brief c.v. or biographical statement to the session chair.

Other Session Types
Workshops, roundtables, and other less traditional sessions are also allotted 90 minutes. Panelists on these sessions should reach agreement prior to the meeting on time allocations. Although these sessions are more flexible, it is important that the ninety-minute limit be observed and that at least 30 minutes be reserved for audience response.