Indigeneity: Public Histories, Public Cultures

Phil and Suzy Endorsed by Women and Social Movements in the United States,1600-2000

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Type: Virtual Session

Tags: Media and Communications; Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples; Public History and Memory


The 2018 release of the Reclaiming Native Truth report—a detailed survey of attitudes about Native peoples and histories—led to a sustained call for “narrative change,” a purposeful effort to alter the perceptions of American Indian peoples through public history and media. This session features Native scholars, curators, podcasters, artists, and activists on the leading edge of that effort. Historian Katrina Phillips is the author of Staging Indigeneity: Salvage Tourism and the Performance of Native American History (UNC Press, 2021). Education scholar Adrienne Keene is also the host the All My Relations podcast and a frequent commentator on the appropriation of Nativeness in American culture. Ashley Minner has a long career in public arts and has recently joined the National Museum of the American Indian, and Leah Salgado is a leading strategic thinker with IllumiNative, a non-profit initiative designed to increase Native visibility and challenge negative narratives and Native erasures. The conversation will be moderated by Gabrielle Tayac, scholar and practitioner of public history and culture change.

Session Participants

Chair: Gabrielle Tayac, George Mason University

Panelist: Adrienne J. Keene, Brown University

Panelist: Ashley Colleen Minner, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Panelist: Katrina Phillips, Macalester College

Panelist: Leah Salgado,