Dawnland: Erasure and Unerasure in/of U.S. History

Malinda Lowery

Friday, April 1, 2022, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Type: Virtual Session

Tags: Film; Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples; Public History and Memory


Join this screening of the Emmy-award winning documentary, Dawnland, about the first truth and reconciliation commission in U.S. history to focus on issues of importance to Indigenous peoples, followed by a panel with the film's co-director, Adam Mazo, and learning director, Dr. Mishy Lesser, in dialogue with Benjamin Madley (UCLA), author of American Genocide: the United States and the California Indian Catastrophe. Mazo and Lesser will talk about Dawnland's impact strategy to help change the narrative about Indigenous peoples in the U.S., as well as feedback they have received from history teachers and their students. They will also screen their most recent short film, Bounty, about the Phips Bounty Proclamation of 1755 that targeted Penobscot Nation, and more broadly, about the monetization of scalping as a tool of genocide from the 1630s until 1759 in the region now called New England. Links to free learning resources will be provided.

Session Participants

Presenter: Mishy Lesser, Upstander Project

Presenter: Benjamin Madley, University of California at Los Angeles

Presenter: Adam Mazo, Upstander Project