Military History Reconsidered

Endorsed by SHFG and WHA

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Type: Roundtable Discussion

Tags: Military


Military history has long had a loyal following among lay readers, but its status inside the academy is sometimes suspect. Some scholars tend to associate the field with top-down, great-white-men theories of history and hagiographies of martial valor. But, in truth, military history is diverse, and has much to teach historians and others across a wide range of cutting-edge concerns about power and violence, gender and sexuality, race, capitalism, labor, civil rights, and more. Drawing on recent scholarship, this roundtable seeks to make an unconventional case for the importance of the military to American life.

Session Participants

Chair: Thavolia Glymph, Duke University
Dr. Thavolia Glymph is the Peabody Family Distinguished Professor of History, Professor of Law, and Faculty Research Scholar, Duke Population Research Institute (DUPRI), at Duke University.

Panelist: Christopher Capozzola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Christopher Capozzola is Chair and Professor of History at MIT.

Panelist: Thomas A. Guglielmo, George Washington University
Thomas A. Guglielmo is Chair and Associate Professor of American Studies at George Washington University.

Panelist: Jeong Min Kim, University of Manitoba
Dr. Jeong Min Kim is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Manitoba.

Panelist: Tejasvi Nagaraja, Cornell University
Dr. Tejasvi Nagaraja is Assistant Professor of History in the Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History at Cornel University's ILR School.

Panelist: Khary O. Polk, Amherst College
Khary Polk is Associate Professor of Black Studies and Sexuality, Women’s, and Gender Studies at Amherst College.