Reconfiguring the United States Survey Course, with a Focus on Native Peoples

Endorsed by the OAH Committee on Academic Freedom, the OAH Committee on Teaching, and the Western History Association

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Type: Workshop

Tags: Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples; Professional Development; Teaching and Pedagogy


This interactive workshop focuses on re-imagining the teaching of the United States survey course to be more inclusive, interactive, and imaginative in what it asks of its students.

Session Participants

Presenter: Nicholas J. Aieta, Westfield State University
Presenter: Nicholas J. Aieta, Westfield State University
Nicholas J. Aieta is Professor of History at Westfield State University, where he teaches courses in Native American History, colonial America and the early republic, and methodology of teaching. The current chair of the history department at Westfield State, he also serves as Program Coordinator for History Education and the Graduate Program Coordinator for history. A past winner of the American Historical Association's Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award, he has been tinkering with the United States survey course for nearly 28 years.