Capitalism and the American Century: Towards a Transnational History of Post-War America

Solicited by the Business History Conference Endorsed by the OAH-Japanese Association for American Studies Japan Historians' Collaborative Committee and WHA

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Type: Roundtable Discussion

Tags: Business and Economy; International Relations; Labor and Working-Class


This roundtable panel is part of an ongoing project to (re-)examine the post-World War II history of American capitalism, including the history of U.S. business, as a distinctly global project, and, in doing so, make the case that postwar American business, labor, and consumption cannot be understood as purely or even primarily domestic stories. The panelists will help to illustrate how postwar U.S. capitalism evolved not only in an international context, but through transnational networks and against international competition.

Session Participants

Chair and Commentator: Alex Beasley, The University of Texas at Austin
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of American StudiesThe University of Texas at Austin

Panelist: William Chou, Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow Clements Center for National SecurityThe University of Texas at Austin

Panelist: Peter Cole, Western Illinois University
Professor and Graduate DirectorDepartment of HistoryWestern Illinois University

Panelist: Christopher Dietrich, Fordham University
Associate ProfessorDepartment of HistoryFordham University

Panelist: Elizabeth Ingleson, London School of Economics
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of International HistoryLondon School of Economics