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OAH Annual Meeting Full List

1999, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sheraton Centre Toronto
1998, Indianapolis, IN The Westin Hotel, Hyatt Regency, and Indiana Convention Center
1997, San Francisco, CA The San Francisco Hilton
1996, Chicago, IL The Palmer House Hilton
1995, Washington, DC The Washington Hilton and Towers (with NCPH)
1994, Atlanta, GA The Atlanta Hilton and Towers
1993, Anaheim, CA The Anaheim Hilton and Towers
1992, Chicago, IL The Palmer House
1991, Louisville, KY The Galt House
1990, Washington, DC The Washington Hilton and Towers
1989, St. Louis, MO Adam's Mark-St. Louis (with NCPH)
1988, Reno, NV Bally's Reno
1987, Philadelphia, PA Wyndham Franklin Plaza
1986, New York, NY New York Penta (held jointly with the National Council on Public History)
1985, Minneapolis, MN Hyatt Regency; Holiday Inn Downtown
1984, Los Angeles, CA The Biltmore Hotel
1983, Cincinnati, OH Stouffer's Towers; Cincinnati Convention and Expo Center
1982, Philadelphia, PA Franklin Plaza Hotel
1981, Detroit, MI The Detroit Plaza
1980, San Francisco, CA Hyatt Regency
1979, New Orleans, LA Hyatt Regency
1978, New York, NY The Statler Hilton Hotel
1977, Atlanta, GA Marriott Motor Hotel; Hyatt Regency Hotel
1976, St. Louis, MO The Chase-Park Plaza Hotel
1975, Boston, MA The Statler Hilton
1974, Denver, CO The Denver Hilton
1973, Chicago, IL The Palmer House
1972, Washington, DC The Shoreham
1971, New Orleans, LA Jung Hotel
1970, Los Angeles, CA The Biltmore Hotel
1969, Philadelphia, PA Benjamin Franklin Hotel
1968, Dallas, TX Adolphus and Baker Hotels
1967, Chicago, IL The Palmer House
1966, Cincinnati, OH Netherland Hilton Hotel
1965, Kansas City, MO Hotel Muehlebach
1964, Cleveland, OH The Statler Hilton
1963, Omaha, NE The Sheraton-Fontenelle
1962, Milwaukee, WI The Hotel Schroeder
1961, Detroit, MI The Pick-Fort Shelby
1960, Louisville, KY Sheraton Hotel
1959, Denver, CO Cosmopolitan Hotel
1958, Minneapolis, MN Hotel Pick-Nicollet
1957, Lincoln, NE Hotel Cornhusker
1956, Pittsburgh, PA Hotel Webster Hall
1955, St. Louis, MO Hotel Jefferson
1954, Madison, WI Loraine Hotel
1953, Lexington, KY Lafayette Hotel
1952, Chicago, IL Sheraton Hotel
1951, Cincinnati, OH Netherland Plaza Hotel
1950, Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma Biltmore Hotel
1949, Madison, WI Loraine Hotel
1948, Rock Island, IL Fort Armstrong Hotel
1947, Columbus, OH Deshler-Wallick Hotel
1946, Bloomington, IN Indiana University
1945, NO MEETING Not held “on account of war restrictions”
1944, St. Louis, MO Coronado Hotel
1943, Cedar Rapids, IA Montrose Hotel
1942, Lexington, KY Lafayette Hotel
1941, Milwaukee, WI Hotel Pfister
1940, Omaha, NE Hotel Fontenelle
1939, Memphis, TN Hotel Claridge
1938, Indianapolis, IN Claypool Hotel
1937, St. Louis, MO Coronado Hotel
1936, Austin, TX Driskill Hotel
1935, Cincinnati, OH Hotel Sinton-St. Nicholas
1934, Columbia, MO Tiger Hotel
1933, Chicago, IL Drake Hotel
1932, Lincoln, NE Lincoln Hotel
1931, Lexington, KY Lafayette Hotel
1930, Chattanooga, TN Hotel Patten
1929, Vincennes, IN Elk's Home
1928, Des Moines, IA Hotel Fort Des Moines
1927, New Orleans, LA Hotel Bienville
1926, Springfield, IL Hotel Abraham Lincoln
1925, Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI Statler Hotel
1924, Louisville, KY Seelbach Hotel
1923, Oklahoma City, OK Huckins Hotel
1922, Iowa City, IA Jefferson Hotel; State Histl. Society
1921, Madison, WI State Histl. Society Building
1920, Greencastle, IN DePauw University
1919, St. Louis, MO Washington Hotel; Missouri Histl. Society
1918, St. Paul, MN St. Paul Hotel; Historical Building
1917, Chicago, IL Alexandria Hotel; Chicago Histl. Society
1916, Nashville, TN Hotel Hermitage
1915, New Orleans, LA Grunewald Hotel
1914, Grand Forks, ND City Hall and Woodworth Hall at the University
1913, Omaha, NE Omaha High School
1912, Bloomington, IN Hotels Tourner and Bowles; Indiana University
1911, Evanston/Chicago, IL Evanston Histl. Society; Chicago Histl. Society
1910, Iowa City, IA Burkley Hotel; State Historical Society of Iowa
1909, St. Louis, MO Planters Hotel; Missouri Histl. Society
1908, Lake Minnetonka, MN
1907, Lincoln, NE