Membership Benefits

OAH membership comes with a wide variety of benefits from OAH and other organizations.

Membership in the OAH provides valuable benefits for members throughout their professional lives. Take advantage of the Organization’s many publications, resources, and professional discounts as you advance throughout your career.


The Journal of American History and The American Historian are both published quarterly. Members can opt to receive print copies or digital access to the JAH. TAH is primarily a digital publication but print subscriptions can be added to memberships for an additional fee.


Members have access to a wide array of discounts, ranging from the ACLS Humanities Ebook subscription to membership in the Community College Humanities Association to insurance products available through the OAH’s membership in the Trust for Insuring Educators.


The OAH offers resources for historians at all levels and in all settings. Members can utilize professional development webinars, explore career options, access digital and print teaching tools, and even contribute to OAH/NPS Collaboration projects.