Institutional Memberships

All who work, teach, study, or are interested in the field of US history are welcome to become members of the OAH.

History Organizations

Museums/archives/historical societies/NPS regional offices.

$126 Per Organization

Includes one staff member with additional staff at the following rates:

20+ Members


13 – 19 Members


7 – 12 Members


2 – 6 Members


Small Departments

Community colleges/school districts/small liberal arts colleges.

$120 Per Department

Includes one staff member and $20 per additional staff member

(limit of five members per department)

Membership Types

Individual Memberships

In addition to our general membership categories, OAH offers several special categories for students, early career professionals, and those who work in non-tenure track or contingent positions, including recently added categories for undergraduate and high school students as well as a Sustaining Member category for those who want to support the work of the OAH at a higher level.

Sponsored Memberships

Sponsored memberships are a great way to introduce students and recent graduates not yet working full time to the benefits of a professional organization. Current members can either sponsor a specific individual or contribute to our Sponsored Membership Award Fund.

Institutional Memberships

OAH now offers two types of Institutional Memberships: History Organizations and Small Departments. Institutional Membership Benefits differ slightly from Individual Member Benefits. Please refer to the Membership Benefits page.

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