OAH Membership Information and Categories

The OAH membership year is 12 months from date of purchase.

Renewing members should log in to view a personalized invoice or use this form. New members can join online or by returning this form to our office. Please contact the OAH membership department at 812-855-7311, Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm (ET) to renew over the phone or email us at membership@oah.org with any questions or to request more information.

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Membership Categories

Annual income $150,000 and above $255
Annual income $100,000-149,999 $230
Annual income $70,000-99,999 $170
Annual income $45,000-69,999 $100
Annual income under $45,000 $65

Associate (careers outside U.S. history) / History Educator (K-12 teachers)


Retired / Early Career (first 3 years after graduation)


Adjunct / Graduate student / Unemployed


High School / Undergraduate student


Adjunct Membership

Adjunct faculty is understood to be those individuals who are solely employed teaching individual courses at universities and colleges and are not considered full-time employees by their institutions. Adjunct faculty may teach multiple courses that equal full-time employment but, due to the nature of their contracts, are not eligible for benefits accorded full-time and/or permanent faculty and staff.

Student Membership

Student members enjoy a reduced membership rate but still receive all the benefits of membership.

Special Membership Options

Sponsored Memberships:

Current members of the OAH in any of the non-Student membership categories may sponsor students or recent degree recipients who are not yet employed full-time. A sponsored membership in the OAH is a great way to introduce your students, recent graduates, or those new to the history profession to the benefits a professional organization offers. Sponsored memberships are $40.00 per 12-month period. To sponsor one or more new members, simply download and complete this form (PDF) and return it to the OAH business office.

For more information, contact the OAH membership department at 812-855-7311, or via email at membership@oah.org.

Membership Policies

Postage for International Shipping: Members outside the United States pay an additional fee of $25 per 12-month period, for the shipping and handling of the JAH and TAH. Members may choose instead to only receive electronic access to publications.

Incorrect Payment Amounts: The OAH will contact you if your payment amount is incorrect. You are responsible for paying the balance due if your payment was short. In the event that you overpaid, you may either: (1) apply the overage as a donation to the OAH Prize Fund, or (2) apply a credit to next year’s membership. In the event that we do not hear from you within 30 days of contact, the overpayment will be applied as a donation.