What’s in the August Issue of The American Historian?

September 21, 2018

The cover of the August issue of The American Historian. The cover notes the theme of the issue: Journalism and Democracy

Here’s a quick preview of the newest issue of The American Historian:

The August 2018 issue of The American Historian features three compelling essays on “Journalism and Democracy.” Sam Lebovic gives an overview of the history of American press freedom, focusing on corporate consolidation of the news media and the rise of state secrecy. Jon Bekken details the history of alternative presses, most notably foreign language and labor newspapers, to show their importance for a healthy and vibrant democracy. Finally, Carrie Teresa writes on the history of the black press newspapers and demonstrates their importance to the African American community.

The issue also contains an essay by Trish Loughran on print culture in the revolutionary period. Cristóbal Borges argues for a stronger working relationship between all participants in historical community, including high school teachers, professors, administrators, and public historians. Timothy Huebner details his experience of creating a new public historical marker in a historical methods course, and Julie Greene writes on her time in China with the OAH China Residency Program. OAH president Earl Lewis writes on the importance of uncovering the facts and truth of historical actors, even if it means complicating the historical narrative.

Finally, we have an article on the OAH Amplified Initiative that was launched at the 2018 OAH Annual Meeting, an obituary for past OAH president Ira Berlin, news from the OAH, and interesting historical facts and tidbits in our Ante and Post sections.

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