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The JAH African American History Index

In honor of Black History Month, we at the Journal of American History have created a working index of every African American history article published in our pages. The index, along with brief notes about our methodology, may be read here.

To visualize the index, we designed the world cloud below. This cloud consists of every title in our index, but we removed a handful of repetitive, general terms. The removed terms include Black, Race, Rights, War, American, African, New, Politics, and Civil. We kept the names Martin Luther King Jr. and New Orleans despite the fact that they are arguably overrepresented in the cloud. Martin Luther King Jr. and New Orleans have both been the subject of roundtables and/or special issues; their names appear repeatedly in the titles of those forums. Finally, to render the cloud more legible, we zoomed in on its center, cropping 269 of 882 words.

For a closer examination of African American history published in the JAH, we invite you to read our online special issue, Local Problems and Global Phases: African American History from the Vault of the Journal of American History. Guest curated by Tera W. Hunter, the Edwards Professor of American History and professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, this special issue will be freely available through April 30, 2019.

A circular word cloud, including 613 words, in grey and crimson ink. The most prominent words in this word cloud are South, Negro, Early, Movement, Racial, Slavery, World, Political, Freedom, Orleans, Martin, Luther, King, States, History, Brown, Struggle, Blacks, Memory, Emancipation, Problem, Segregation, United, Reconstruction, Community, Free, Education, Mississippi, and Nation.

For more on African American history, visit the JAH index, the online special issue, and click here.