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Call for Papers: Histories of Sport

Billie Jean King is carried on a litter onto the tennis court at the Houston Astrodome before the 1973 Battle of the Sexes against Bobby Riggs, Sept. 20, 1973. Associated Press via Wikimedia Commons.

In anticipation of the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, Process invites proposals and submissions for an upcoming series on the histories of sport in the United States. We are open to a wide range of topics and approaches. This could include pieces about sports activism and politics; the athletic field or court as a site of culture wars; sport scandals; sports and race, ethnicity, and migration; sports and queer history; Title IX and issues of gender in sports more broadly; the role of sport in international diplomacy and politics; explorations of sport and socioeconomic class and leisure; and other related topics. Submissions may also use contemporary sports issues or upcoming anniversaries as a way to explore the histories of sport in the United States.

We accept submissions from anyone engaged in the practice of U.S. history, including researchers, teachers, graduate students, archivists, curators, public historians, digital scholars, and others. Submissions should be written for a public readership and should not exceed 1500 words, not counting footnotes. We will aim to publish pieces throughout summer 2024, but are open to submissions past that point. Proposals and drafts may be sent to