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What’s in the February Issue of The American Historian?

Here’s a quick preview of the newest issue of The American Historian:The February 2019 cover of The American Historian shows an image of singing children gathered around adults at a piano. The text reads "History and Music. Also Inside: Teaching News Literacy//OAH Annual Meeting News

The February 2019 issue of The American Historian features four essays on “History and Music.” Ann Ostendorf writes on how music was important to various groups in the early American republic, and Glenda Goodman shows how music also filled a crucial role in the lives of many women in the early American republic. Nicolette Rohr argues that scholars of music should examine fans and fandom and how they gave popular music historical and social import. Finally, Tyina Steptoe demonstrates how music, particularly the melding of jazz and salsa, helps scholars understand the ways people of African descent relate to one another.

The issue also contains an essay by Karen Dunak and Victoria Hupp on the importance of teaching news literacy in the history classroom and an essay by Paul Zwirecki on celebrating twenty-five years of the National Park Service–OAH Collaboration. Hajni G. Selby writes two articles on navigating both the 2019 OAH annual meeting and the city of Philadelphia. Earl Lewis writes his final column on the importance of remembering the history and continuing impact of slavery in the United States.

Finally, we have news from the OAH, and interesting historical facts and tidbits in our Ante and Post sections.

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