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What’s in the May Issue of The American Historian?

The cover of the May issue of The American Historian. The cover notes the theme of the issue: Caribbean History.

The cover of the May issue of The American Historian. The cover notes the theme of the issue: Caribbean History.Here’s a quick preview of the newest issue of The American Historian:

The May 2018 issue of The American Historian features four compelling essays on “Caribbean History.” Reena Goldthree gives a detailed overview of the exciting recent scholarship on Caribbean history and offers advice for how historians of the United States can incorporate that research in their classrooms. Ernesto Bassi argues that scholars should consider the Caribbean as a region in its own right, and not as a colonial territory of Spain nor a repository of U.S. influence. Solsiree del Moral shows how Puerto Rican educators defied U.S. attempts to use classrooms as a way to “Americanize” students. Finally, Dalia Muller contends that the use of a Gulf World framework opens up opportunities to examine linkages between Mexico, Cuba, and the United States that might otherwise be overlooked.

The issue also includes an essay by Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer Jerry Lembcke on GI dissent during the Vietnam War. Chris Bunin offers advice for educators looking to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS)–related programs in the classroom. We also have our first column from new OAH president Earl Lewis on how historians and scientists should work together to offer better understandings of our past. The issue also contains an overview of the successful 2018 OAH annual conference, a list of 2018 OAH award winners, news from the OAH, and interesting historical facts and tidbits in our Ante and Post sections.

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