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Welcome to Process

Process is the blog of the Organization of American Historians (OAH), the Journal of American History (JAH), and The American Historian (TAH). For more than a century, the OAH has been the largest professional association in the world devoted to the study of American history, providing historians with opportunities to hone and share their work. As print publications, the JAH and TAH both provide central forums for scholarship and the discussion of American history.

Process will complement our programs and publications, serving as a dynamic way to engage contemporary discussions on researching, teaching, and working in the field of U.S. history. We will present interesting, original submissions from a wide-ranging and diverse digital community of public historians, teachers, academics, students, and researchers. Our aim is to engage with existing readers, OAH members, and anyone interested in U.S. history.

As our name suggests, we are interested in the process of doing U.S. history, and our blog content will reflect the multifaceted ways of engaging with U.S. history—as a professional, a lifelong student, an advocate, a researcher, a teacher, an activist, a scholar, and an OAH member.

Process will offer content in four main categories:

  • PUBLICS will provide historical commentary on current events and include advocacy pieces focusing on debates within the historical profession. In this forum, we are creating a community of historians and sharing historical insights with a broad audience.
  • SCHOLARSHIP will engage with new work in U.S. history and feature interviews with authors of recent books and dissertations, discussions of public history, and reviews of past and present JAH and TAH articles.
  • TEACHING will consider history instruction in and out of the classroom, from undergraduate syllabi to museum exhibits and public lectures.
  • PROFESSIONS will discuss professional development and provide information about multiple career paths in history.

If you would like to contribute, please contact us at with a short pitch—no longer than 300 words—for a blog post.

We look forward to the discussion!