A Letter from the OAH President

January, 2013

Dear Readers,

The OAH Strategic Plan developed by the OAH leadership three years ago included in its agenda, among other topics, a review of the OAH Magazine of History (MOH). Over the past two years, the OAH Executive Board has discussed at length the purpose and efficacy of the MOH as the second major publication benefiting the organization’s membership. Published since 1985, the OAH Magazine of History was originally designed for “secondary teachers of American history and social studies at the junior and senior high school level.” For more than twenty-five years, the MOH has provided exceptional materials for teaching American history through its quarterly, theme-based issues.

To continue meeting the diverse needs of our members, the OAH Executive Board agreed at its 2012 fall meeting to appoint a task force “to explore new publication possibilities in a digital age.” While acknowledging the impressive contributions made by the OAH Magazine, the board unanimously voted to cease its publication with the October 2013 issue. This decision was based on many considerations, among them the realization that increasing numbers of high school teachers access historical resources online and the need to provide a publication that will serve the OAH membership more effectively.

All members who chose to receive the OAH Magazine for the 2012-2013 membership year will continue to receive it through the coming year. Online access to the MOH archives will remain an OAH membership benefit after publication of the MOH ceases.

We are excited to explore the possibilities of a new publication—in print or online—that is innovative, expansive, and engaging. Taking lessons from producing the OAH Magazine for more than a quarter of a century, the next evolution of our publishing efforts will allow the OAH to meet the many needs of our members and provide a publication that serves American history and its practitioners.

The OAH Executive Board will review the recommendations of the task force at its 2013 spring meeting in San Francisco and determine the best path for this new publishing endeavor. Until then, we encourage you to share ideas with us about issues and content for the new publication. Thank you for your past support of the OAH Magazine of History and the Organization of American Historians.

Albert M. Camarillo, OAH President
Stanford University