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Capitalism and Socialism: Utopia, Globalization, and Revolution

Capitalism and Socialism: A Multidisciplinary Conference at New Harmony, Indiana will be held November 6-8, 2014. The conference coincides with the bicentennial of New Harmony's founding by German Harmonists in 1814. New Harmony is probably best known as the site of industrialist Robert Owen's experiment in communal living in 1825. As a factory owner and manager in early nineteenth-century Scotland, Owen achieved success in the new regime of modern capitalism. But as a critical observer of the effects of industrialization, he was also a reformer and one of the "utopian socialists" described by Marx. The legacy of Owen and the Bicentennial of New Harmony are relevant as the world emerges from the shadow of the recent economic crisis and as socialism has returned to the political and economic lexicon.  Panel and individual paper proposals are welcome. The conference organizers seek proposals for full panels or individual papers on topics related to Capitalism and Socialism, past and present. Proposals are due May 26, 2014. Learn more >

Posted: April 25, 2014
Tagged: Meetings, Conferences, Symposia