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Forging Bonds Across Borders: Mobilizing for Women’s Rights and Social Justice in the 19th Century

Paper proposals sought for a conference at the German Historical Institute, Washington, DC, April 28-30, 2016, exploring how female activists inside and outside of institutions and organizations exchanged ideas in the Atlantic world and collaborated across national borders, oceans, and boundaries of race, class, and gender throughout the long 19th century. One purpose is to show how, even without formal political rights, women were able to develop effective strategies and bases of power, working both within their own countries and through the personal transnational connections, alliances, and organizations they created. Through participation in movements for abolition, temperance, child protection, pacifism, and labor (often male-dominated), women became aware of their own oppression and need for emancipation. Some fought to link suffrage and women's rights with struggles against the inequities of industrial capitalism in what came to be known as "social justice femin ism." Others embraced "maternalist" ideologies that exalted women's status as mothers and, rather than seeking feminist alternatives to that role, worked to apply the values associated with it to society at large. The organizers will cover travel and lodging expenses of invited participants. Proposals welcome from established and emerging scholars; deadline, October 31, 2015. See website for further details.

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Posted: September 17, 2015
Tagged: Calls for Papers