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“Leaders Gone Wild” – Committee on Community Colleges, OAH Annual Meeting, Providence, RI

The Committee on Community Colleges for the Organization of American Historians is sponsoring a panel for the 2016 OAH meeting in Providence, Rhode Island (April 7-10). The theme for the meeting is "On Leadership." In that spirit, we are hosting a session titled "Leaders Gone Wild: Using Scandal and Corruption in American Leadership to Engage Students." Our ideal panelists will incorporate their own research in an innovative way in the classroom. How have scandalous leaders interested your students and how do you use those stories to illuminate larger issues you are covering in your classrooms?
We are accepting proposals for papers until September 18, 2015.

Please forward your 200 to 300-word proposal and CV to: Theresa.jach@hccs.edu

Posted: September 1, 2015
Tagged: Calls for Papers