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National Council on Public History 2017 Annual Meeting

"The Middle: Where did we come from? Where are we going?"
National Council on Public History Annual Meeting
Indianapolis, Indiana | April 19-22, 2017
The Call for Proposals is open through July 15, 2016 at http://ncph.org/conference/2017-annual-meeting/.

Deadline: July 15, 2016 for final proposals. To solicit feedback or find collaborators, submit an early topic proposal by June 1, 2016.

The National Council on Public History will meet in Indianapolis, Indiana April 19-22, 2017, to consider "The Middle," and we need your ideas to make this meeting a success. If your work involves exploring history with non-academic audiences –whether through museums, historic preservation, government work, libraries and archives, tourism, cultural resources management, history education, art, digital history, or community history – or training historians to do the same, NCPH's annual meeting is your natural home.

In a society fascinated by extremes, the middle is often undervalued, overlooked, and unstudied. Public historians, however, tend to engage in work that addresses the interests and concerns of the wide-ranging public, not just the select. For public historians, the middle can be a delightful but challenging place. The concerns of the masses, not just the elite; the swirling firmament of the center of a story, not only the clearness of the beginning or end; the quotidian, not the extraordinary; is always ripe with ambiguity and importance. But who controls and speaks for the middle? How one parses the middle, and who gets to tell the story, is challenging and difficult.

We welcome submissions from all areas of the field; proposals may address any area of public history, but we especially welcome submissions which relate to our theme. Sessions are 1.5 hours; significant time for audience discussion should be included in every session. We urge participants to dispense with the reading of papers.

Posted: May 24, 2016
Tagged: Calls for Papers