A Practical Guide to Teaching Women's History

In the last few decades, historians have made impressive strides in bringing the stories of women in American history to light. Despite these advances, it is oftentimes still a struggle for teachers to incorporate these vital stories in already overloaded syllabi. In this interactive webinar, Allyson Schettino, Associate Director of School Programs at the New-York Historical Society, will introduce their new online database, Women and the American Story, and give concrete examples of how educators can easily weave women's history into preexisting lesson plans.

About Our Speaker

Allyson Schettino has a master’s in history from Fordham University and has worked in Museum Education for over twelve years. She is currently the Associate Director of School Programs at the New-York Historical Society and a lead curriculum writer for the women’s history project Women & the American Story.

Native Communities and the Vote:Teaching about American Indian Voting Rights through Documents from the National Archives

Learn how to incorporate primary sources related to American Indian voting rights into your lessons. We will share activities and resources from the National Archives, and explore how to include discussions of evolving rights over time as related to Native Communities and the right to participate in Federal elections by looking at this important history.

Speaker: Sara Lyons Davis, Education Specialist, National Archives and Records Administration

Records in Transition: A Conversation with NARA Leadership

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) plays a critical role in ensuring that records of each Presidential administration are captured for historical research. Exactly how NARA works with the White House and Federal government agencies during transitions is governed by two different laws that work very differently. In this webinar, hear NARA leaders discuss NARA's role and authority under the Federal Records Act and Presidential Records Act, what happens to records during a Presidential transition, what NARA did to prepare, and where we stand now.

Speakers: Laurence Brewer, Chief Records Officer of the U.S. Government, Gary M. Stern, General Counsel, and External Affairs Liaison Meg Phillips, who will serve as moderator.