Public History Reviews first appeared in 1989 as Exhibition Reviews. In addition to assessments of museum exhibitions, other representations of history in the public sphere—living history projects, historical pageants and reenactments, memorials, historic preservation projects, educational programming, and virtual museums, as well as multidisciplinary projects—are encouraged. Comparative reviews and critical essays on the theory and practice of history exhibitions are also welcomed.

Catherine Gudis, National Museum of American History, University of California, Riverside, and Sam Vong, curator of Asian American Pacific History at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, are the contributing editors for the Public History Reviews section. In making selections for inclusion in any given issue, the editors will be looking for balance in types and sizes of exhibitions and originating institutions, as well as geographical and topical range. They are interested in providing Journal readers with a sense of the visitor experience of exhibitions, seeing them as interpretative products for diverse public audiences.

The editors welcome suggestions; they may be reached at and