List of Resources for OAH Letter to the Biden Administration on the 1776 Report and the “Future of the Past”

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Journal of American History

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“180 Op–Eds: Or How to Make the Present Historical”
By Joanne Meyerowitz
Journal of American History, Volume 107, Issue 2, September 2020, pg 323–335

“Making and Circulating the News in an Illiberal Age”
By Nancy F. Cott
Journal of American History, Volume 104, Issue 3, December 2017, pg 599–609

Process: A Blog for American History

“George Floyd and the End of American Hegemony”
By Jonathan Wiesen

“Teaching in the Wake of Charlottesville”
A Round Table

“Constitutional Originalism and History”
By Jonathan Gienapp

“From Devolution to DeVos: A Brief History of the Federal Role in American Education”
By Lawrence J. McAndrews

“Toppling Columbus, Recasting Italian Americans”
By Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra

“On Statues, History, and Historians”
By Rich Heyman

Conference Session Recordings

“Confederate Monuments: What to Do?”
Sacramento, California, 2018

“Historicizing Ferguson: Police Violence and the Genesis of a National Movement”
St. Louis, Misssouri, 2015

Distinguished Lecturer Program

“Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy”
Stephen Kantrowitz

“The Modern Presidency from Kennedy to Trump”
William H. Chafe

“Whose Memories Matter? Race, Identity and the Battle for American History”
Jonathan Scott Holloway

“The Great Force of History”
Renee Romano

“The Rise of Conservatism in Modern America”
Bruce J. Schulman

“Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: Outsiders Alike?”
Dan Feller