Advocacy Partners

The Organization of American Historians supports and advocates for the study and teaching of American history, promotes informed discussion of and engagement with historical questions, promotes access to historical records and resources, and encourages equitable treatment of all practitioners of history. OAH does this though advocacy statements, advocacy alerts and updates to members, and active participation with advocacy partners and projects including the National Coalition for History, National Humanities Alliance, the Reframing History Project, and the Learn from History Coalition.

National Coalition for History

The National Coalition for History (NCH) is a consortium of over 50 organizations that advocates on federal, state and local legislative and regulatory issues. The coalition is made up of a diverse number of groups representing historians, archivists, researchers, teachers, students, documentary editors, preservationists, genealogists, political scientists, museum professionals and other stakeholders.

National Humanities Alliance

Founded in 1981, the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) is an advocacy coalition dedicated to the advancement of humanities education, research, preservation, and public programs. NHA is supported by more than one hundred national, state and local member organizations and institutions, including: scholarly and professional associations, higher education associations, organizations of museums, libraries, historical societies and state humanities councils, university-based and independent humanities research centers, and colleges and universities.

Reframing History

Funded by the Mellon Foundation and carried out by the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH), in partnership with the FrameWorks Institute, National Council on Public History (NCPH) and OAH, Reframing History provides the field with a new set of evidence-backed recommendations, tools, and resources for communicating about history to the public.