Civil War at 150

Publications, resources, and events, that that focus on this pivotal period in American history.

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Organization of American Historians created a special project exploring key themes of the Civil War online, in print, and in person: Origins (2011), Mobilizing for War (2012), Turning Points (2013), Total War (2014), and Legacies (2015).

Featured Resources

New York Times Disunion Blog

From 2011-2015, the New York Times produced a compelling online discussion of Civil War history as part of its “Opinionator” section, including numerous articles from OAH members.

Studying the Civil War

In this video, originally broadcast on C-SPAN, OAH Distinguished Lecturers Caroline Janney of Purdue University and Peter Carmichael of Gettysburg College talk about Civil War history scholarship, exciting new areas for research, and how they continue to help students understand this conflict. This conversation was initially recorded at the OAH Annual Meeting in Atlanta in April 2014.

The Civil War at 150 Podcast

Listen to leading historians discussing Civil War history and remembrance.

Articles from the OAH Publications Archives

Selected articles on the Civil War from the OAH Magazine of History, the Journal of American History, and its predecessor, the Mississippi Valley Historical Review.

Award-Winning Books

Since 1985, OAH has annually recognized the the most original book on the coming of the Civil War, the Civil War years, and Reconstruction.

OAH Articles and Special Issues

Read special articles and issues of the Journal of American History, The American Historian, and the OAH Magazine of History.