Journal of American History

“What Twenty-First-Century Historians Have Said about the Causes of Disunion: A Civil War Sesquicentennial Review of the Recent Literature”

In this article in the Journal of American History, Michael E. Woods analyzes the extensive literature on causes of the war that has been published since 2000 and articulates several trends found there with regard to sectionalism, southern proslavery American nationalism, and class conflict.

“Nationalism and Internationalism in the Era of the Civil War”

The September 2011 issue of the Journal of American History included an interchange entitled “Nationalism and Internationalism in the Era of the Civil War,” in which nine historians explore how the construction of the American nation through civil war was related to nationalist impulses around the world in the mid-nineteenth century.

Abraham Lincoln at 200

The September 2009 issue of the Journal of American History focused on Abraham Lincoln during the bicentennial of his birth, with expanded web content.

OAH Magazine of History

Civil War at 150: Turning Points (April 2013)

Civil War at 150: Mobilizing for War (April 2012)

Civil War at 150: Origins (April 2011)

Lincoln Bicentennial Issues

The OAH Magazine of History published three special issues on Lincoln, cosponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, in observance of the bicentennial of his birth:

Lincoln and the Constitution (January 2007)

Lincoln, Race, and Slavery (October 2007)

The Lincoln Legacy (January 2009)