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John M. Collier Award for Forest History Journalism

March 28, 2024

The John M. Collier Award for Forest History Journalism is given to a journalist whose work incorporates forest or conservation history in an article or series of articles published in North America that relate to environmental issues. John M. Collier, a longtime journalist who covered the forest industry, represented the best of the profession with thorough research, solid interpretation, and clear writing throughout his career. The award seeks to honor his work and memory by recognizing journalists who carry on his tradition of excellence.

Award Details

The Collier Award is open to any newspaper or general circulation magazine (including online-only publications), or professional or freelance journalist in North America. An original printed piece (photocopies are acceptable) or an electronic version of the nominated article(s) from 2023 publications must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2024. Author, publisher, and date of article must be included. Authors, editors, and the general public are welcome to send any article that fits the award criteria to the Forest History Society. Please do not submit more than one article by the same author. Hard copy versions may be sent to Jennifer Watson at 2925 Academy Road, Durham, NC, 27705, and electronic submissions to Jennifer Watson.

The winning article will receive a $1,000 prize along with the option to either visit the Forest History Society Library and Archives or arrange for the presentation of the award plaque at a mutually agreed upon meeting or convention.

The deadline for 2024 submissions has been extended to May 15, 2024.

Award History

John M. Collier (1921–1987) was a New Orleans journalist skilled in many areas of communication, including advertising and sales promotion and public, government, and media relations. He was a working scholar and a prolific writer of articles and special features for forest industry press publications. A member of the Forest History Society’s board of directors (1979-1985), the board established the award to honor his memory after his untimely death to encourage excellence in journalism that incorporates and informs forest and conservation history.

From its establishment in 1987 through the year 2002, the Collier Award annually recognized the author of the best article or series of articles on forest and conservation history. In 2002, FHS redesigned the award to better reach the growing number of journalists writing about conservation and environmental topics. We provided financial support for an Institutes for Journalism in Natural Resources (IJNR) expedition along with a paid visit to the FHS headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, for the selected winner. The award returned to its original implementation beginning in 2015.