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“The Past, Present, and Future of Nation-States” Conference hosted by SNHU’s Liberal Arts and Social Sciences departments

May 12, 2023

This multidisciplinary conference is a product of collaboration between Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Liberal Arts and Social Sciences departments. Nation-states are relatively new to the international political landscape. Accompanied by wars, border realignments, and bitter territorial disputes, as well as by glorifying victories and alliances, a modern history of nation-states is a complex mix of losses and achievements. How did the modern nation-state-building process change the lives of people inside and outside of their borders? How do newly developing citizenship regimes and the forces of globalization affect nation-states today? Are nation-states in demise, losing their practical value for local and international politics, or are they changing to meet new conditions? These are some of the questions this conference seeks to discuss.

This conference is open to students and professionals alike from any field or discipline and aims to:

  • Showcase academic research by students and professionals
  • Create opportunities for collaborative and mutually enriching interactions among students and professionals, as well as between them, thus helping them to expand their social capital
  • Enhance inter-cultural exchange of ideas and exposure to diverse views
  • Stimulate critical thinking about the topics that have deep impacts on millions of people around the world.

The Program Committee will consider all proposals that advance deeper understanding of complex issues surrounding historical nation-state building and its transformation in the 21st century, as well as discuss and/or propose solutions to them. We are looking for submissions on the historical legacies and modern challenges facing nation-states for all places and people (in any continent or part of the world) and which use diverse sources and methods. Presentations can be in various formats, including roundtable discussions, traditional presentations, interviews, formal or informal lectures, or digital multimedia storytelling. Live presentations will be broadcast on Teams and recorded for later rebroadcast on SNHU’s podcast and/or YouTube feeds.

The Program Committee welcomes proposals for individual presentations or group collaborations from all students and professionals, regardless of their field, institutional affiliation, location, and country of origin. The Committee promotes inclusivity and diversity and encourages proposals from scholars from under-represented groups. Please send proposals to Program Committee co-chairs Robert Denning ([email protected]) or Laman Tasch ([email protected]) by close of business on July 14, 2023.

Each proposal must contain the following information:

  • Title of presentation
  • Presentation abstract (up to 500 words) that introduces the topic and summarizes the argument
  • Presentation format and technology needs (if applicable)
  • Presenter information (full name, biographical paragraph or CV, email address, affiliation, and city/state/country of residence)

Only proposals containing all of the above-mentioned information will be considered. Email notification regarding acceptance or rejection of each proposal will be sent in late July, 2023.

Please direct all questions regarding presentation format or content of proposals to Program Committee co-chairs Robert Denning ([email protected]) and Laman Tasch ([email protected]).