Talking History: Shows from 1997

History of the Martini
A talk with Max Rudin

29 December 1997 air date

The Historical Jesus--His Birth
A talk with John D. Crossan

22 December 1997 air date

The Image of China in the U.S.
A talk with Jeffrey Wasserstrom

8 December 1997 air date

The Pilgrims at Plymouth and the First Thanksgiving
A talk with Carolyn Freeman Travers

24 November 1997 air date

Sputnik's 40th Anniversary
A talk with John Lewis Gaddis

10 November 1997 air date

Uses and Abuses of the Hebrew Bible in History
Talks with Andrew Skinner and Doris Bergen

27 October 1997 air date

History of Public Amusements
a talk with David Nasaw

13 October 1997 air date